about me

The formal bio: Karyn Bristol, MSW, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist and a writer. In both realms her passion lies in helping people heal; in helping people connect fully with themselves and with loved ones, with the past and with the present. Karyn is an ICEEFT Certified EFT Couples Supervisor and Therapist, and writes a blog to help other therapists learn and practice Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. She has an MSW from Boston College, and a BA from Dickinson College. Karyn is the owner of Princeton Psychotherapy, a private psychotherapy practice in Princeton, NJ. She lives with her husband, three amazing children, and a goofy black Labrador.

The informal bio: It is hard for me to write about myself. In a group, I tend to be on the quiet side. That is fueled in part by some anxiety and in part because I am more interested in hearing about others than in talking about myself. But here goes…

Author, Psychotherapist, and Mom. Wife, Daughter, Friend. In all these roles, I have loved fiercely and I have made mistakes. Many. I love to run; when I am running I feel strong (most of the time), and I use that time to think, to sing, to zone out, and even to cry. I love to be outside, and especially to be by the water—I have salt water in my veins, but the lake is now an old and comfortable friend. I drink too much coffee, and probably too much wine. I love dogs, and our dog Otis—and his antics—get a lot of play in my family’s conversations. Obviously I love to write; I love to fumble around in a pile of words until I stand up with the perfect one. Finally, I love to read. To be inspired, to be entertained, to laugh and to cry with a book is an incredible gift. And I humbly hope that something in The Truth is a Theory resonates with you.